About Us

Why Laundry Soap?


We had a problem, and so we created our own product to solve the problem!

Honouring our Daughter in Heaven


There is beauty in change. 

Our Family


We continue to grow. keep following our happy crew!

The Beginnings


Grandma's Garden Laundry Soap was created by Mother for Daughter with the intention to sufficiently clean cloth diapers. That was in 2009.  I created a liquid laundry soap with a classic, old fashioned, family recipe of bar soap. And the product is amazing. We soon used it on all of the laundry. At the realization that many others lacked a quality, natural, laundry soap product, Grandma's Garden was born. 

Our Journey


The Road Curves and Continues

We made the decision to go back to our roots, making the soap traditionally made by our great grandparents. The original bar soap is the foundation for the liquid laundry soap. We have served laundry rooms throughout the Ottawa Valley as our family grew. This was very satisfying. In 2015 we welcomed baby Adeline into the world. Adeline was just 4 months old when she tragically died. During a period of deep sadness and grief, we made the decision to not only carry on with the family business but to focus on completing the Brand. The summer of 2016 gave way to Grandma's Garden complete Laundry Line. As a faith filled family, we have persevered with the desire to bring safe and healthy laundry products to homes across Canada. 

Honouring Adeline

A portion of Grandma's Garden Ltd. proceeds go to a Charity in honour of Adeline. 

The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre Campaign

Our Family


We are the Lorbetskie Family. Sheila and Michael, and our precious children; Felicity (8), Cecilia (6), Alexander (4)  Lucia (1), and our sweet Angel Adeline. As a family we have come to appreciate the goodness of this earth that God has given us. Our small business is our way of expressing our love for every single day, every beautiful flower, every breathing creature, every shimmering lake, and most importantly, every human soul.